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Living Pink

Living Pink: Living LGBT at MIT


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For the Living Pink Guide published in 2011, please click here.

The Living Pink Guide is an annual production to help students find dorms, independent living groups, fraternities, and sororities that are welcoming to lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgendered individuals.

The data presented is from an anonymous survey that students were asked to fill out. Students were asked to provide responses on places where they have lived or pledged, but the responses were not verified. Hence, the data herein may not be entirely accurate. Many dorms consist of smaller communities, some being more accepting than others.

Every year communities change. The survey can only show how communities were in the past - talking to present residents is the best way to judge how a community will be in the future.

Below is a full list of all of the dorms, ILG's, fraternities, and sororities. All were contacted and asked to fill out the survey (many, more than once). All that had at least 2 responses were included. The links below go to the entry for the group in the long results.


East Campus
New House
Next House
Senior House

Independent Living Groups

Epsilon Theta
Student House


Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Epsilon Phi
Alpha Phi
Kappa Alpha Theta
Sigma Kappa


Alpha Delta Phi
Alpha Epsilon Pi
Alpha Tau Omega
Beta Theta Pi
Chi Phi
Delta Kappa Epsilon
Delta Psi (No. 6 Club) (Co-ed)
Delta Tau Delta
Delta Upsilon
Kappa Sigma
Lambda Chi Alpha
Nu Delta
Phi Beta Epsilon
Phi Delta Theta
Phi Kappa Sigma
Phi Kappa Theta
Phi Sigma Kappa
Pi Lambda Phi
Sigma Chi
Sigma Nu
Tau Epsilon Phi
Theta Chi
Theta Delta Chi
Theta Xi
Zeta Beta Tau
Zeta Psi