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Started as a Student Homophile League in 1969, the organization since then has changed its name and had many members, but its mission remains the same: to teach society to hold as equal and accept people who happen to be different. To make that change, we must take a chance and show the world a true image of who we are: simply human beings, just as good as everyone else.

We make it our job to provide many resources for anyone who feels different and, for that reason, unaccepted: whether you are deeply closeted, completely out, or somewhere in between; curious, sure, or still figuring things out; woman or man, transgender, or anywhere inside or outside the binary; drag queen, club kid or computer geek, or anyone else — you are always welcome to walk into our doors.

Feel free to check for the latest news, scheduled meetings and events, and attend the nearest one. If you have an immediate question, problem or concern, don’t hesitate to contact us.

See you soon!

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