Interested in joining?

What do members do?

G@MIT is one of MIT’s most prominent LGBTQ+ & ally student group.  We encourage and welcome undergrads as well as graduate students to join the group!  We do a ton of events, ranging from activism to education, from awareness to community-building.  We work a lot with LBGT@MIT to put on events and programs for students.  As a member of G@MIT, you’re more than welcome to watch our mailing list and show up to events that sound fun, interesting, and informative – or it’s easy to get involved and help run things!

What do you have coming up?

Check out our calendar for some upcoming events!


We have general body meetings every two weeks during the school year – you’re welcome and encouraged to attend!  These meetings are usually about our upcoming events, planning, and brainstorming.


Our few exec members are officially in charge of making things happen in G@MIT.  We have a few positions that are elected each Spring at our last meeting of the year.  But you don’t have to have a fancy title to help run G@MIT!

Other questions?

We’d love to answer them!  Try email:, or feel free to just show up to a meeting!

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